Value proposition

Value proposition for professionals

Value proposition for professionals

Service-orientated, partner-focussed and innovative
The working world is changing quickly! The number of freelancers offering their work services to companies "for a time" has considerably risen in recent years. Highly qualified, flexible, motivated, with high customer-orientation and willing to invest leisure time for their own further training on a regular basis - we offer these freelancers a platform for trusting and open cooperation as the ideal foundation for coping with the challenges of the future.   

Our organisation is aligned to service-orientation for optimum support of the professionals. Purposeful coaching makes it possible for our professionals to concentrate completely and utterly on the customers' requirements and their satisfaction!
We are first-class in our areas of competence, experienced managers from the branch form our core team - an environment which represents a specialised and personal enrichment for each professional!   

The entrepreneurship of our professionals and the management in a community which reinforces performances and stimulates one another guarantees joint business success as a result of the interaction of entrepreneurial freedom of individual persons and simultaneous responsibility for the entirety.

The corporate appearance under the roof of MCS Automotive procures professional access to the market for our freelancers. This also includes a profound processing of the market and a professional and individual marketing.


MCS unterstützt Saudi Arabien beim Aufbau eines Automotive Clusters.
Aus einer Vielzahl von internationalen Firmen wurde die MCS Automotive GmbH ausgewählt den Aufbau eine Automotive Clusters in Saudi Arabien zu begleiten.
[ mehr...]

MCS Automotive GmbH in Saudi Arabia,
Prof. Dr. Werner Ullmann und Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Rudolf Menne adopt for DMAN (Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen) Management Training for Saudi Arabian Engineers. [ mehr...]

More and more managers in interim staffing

According to a survey of experts, the umbrella association of German Interim Management (DDIM) based in Münster expects a considerable growth in the interim management branch [ mehr...]

"Komplexitätsmanagement in der Beschaffung – Portfolios für das Lieferantenmanagement in der projektorientierten Industrie"
Unter diese Überschrift haben unser Partner Prof. Dr. Werner Ullmann und Herr Roman Siejek ihren Beitrag zum 6. Wissenschaftliches Symposium "Supply Management" am 5.-6. März 2013 in Würzburg gestellt. [ mehr...]

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